Types of Walnut Saplings


Chandler Walnut Sapling

Chandler walnut sapling is one of the most fruitful walnut varieties grown in the world. Chandler walnut sapling is very valuable to buyers because of the extra-light color and high quality fruit inside known around the world. It is a type of walnut suitable for frequent planting distance. It can be planted from 1000 to 1200 altitude. The blomming starts on April 23 and continues until May 1. It begins to be harvested on 25 September and continues until 10 October.


Pedro Walnut Sapling

Pedro walnut saplings come at the top of the walnut varieties with the best fruit yield in the world. It is the only walnut variety that pollinates own flowers. The fruit of the Pedro walnut sapling is clustered. It is known by people as cluster walnut, dwarf walnut. Pedro walnut does not grow in size because the walnut tree gives too much fruit. The blooming date is from 26 April to 3 May. It is harvested between September 20 and October 5.


Franquette Walnut Sapling

Franquette walnut saplings are one of the earliest blomming walnut saplings. Chandler walnut, Fernor walnut and Pedro walnut are used for pollinator walnut varieties. One Franquette walnut can be planted for 20 main varieties to be planted. It is a walnut tree that grows vertically and strongly. The blooming time is between 30 April and 12 May. Harvesting time is between October 15 and October 25.


Howard Walnut Sapling

Howard walnut sapling is best known to be the most preferred walnut variety among the known walnut varieties. Howard walnut often fruit in the inner branches as well as in the lateral branches have a good fruit yield. It is a walnut variety that can be preferred in commercial terms. The date of blomming is between April 20 and April 30. The harvest date starts on September 13 and continues until September 30.


Fernette Walnut Sapling

Fernette walnut saplings are a type of walnut planted as pollinator. Although it is a planted as a type of pollinator. It is inner fruit has good quality. In some contries it is planted as the main varieties. Late blomming. The date of flowering starts from 28th of April until 10th of May. The harvest date is from 15 September to 30 September.

Ronde Walnut Sapling

Ronde walnut saplings are an old walnut variety. It is the variety of walnut planted as pollinator in the world. This is because the fruit yield is plant. It is a walnut variety that blooms very late in the known walnut varieties. Pedro walnut is variety of pollinating itself. It blooms between 5 May and 15 May. The harvest begins between October 15 and October 30.