Walnut Sapling Production

We grow the best walnut saplings for you in our high -capacity production facilities. We produce Chandler, Howard, Pedro, Fernor, Fernette, Franquette and Ronde de Montignac walnut saplings in our facilities. You can get free support after sales.

Walnut Saplings Marketing

Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. is a leading provider of walnut saplings production and marketing and support for walnut garden installation and maintenance operations.

Certified Walnut Saplings

We have all of the sapling certifications required for the varieties of walnut saplings we produce. All of our certifications are approved by official institutions and organizations.

Guaranteed Sales

Walnut saplings are sale with 100% guaranteed. The quality of walnut saplings is at the top. The walnut saplings sold are sent with the invoice and the certificate. 


Fernor Walnut Sapling

Fernor, walnut variety suitable for continental climate and high altitude regions.

It is not affected by spring and autumn frost sit is suitable for frequent planting. Because of this reason, it is also called cold climate walnut...Fernor Walnut Features

Reasons for Preference Walnut Sapling Cultivate

A well-established walnut garden is economically fruitful for many years. The walnut tree  is associated with many sectors, from leaf to fruit and tree. Walnut is a kind of fruit that can grow in every region of the world with temperate climaticc  conditions except tropical annd eextreme cold climates.


High Productive Walnut Saplings

Chandler Walnut Sapling

Chandler walnut sapling is one of the most important walnut species that is grown today in America and the world.

Howard Walnut Sapling

Hovard walnut sapling is the best walnut variety among known walnut varieties.

Pedro Walnut Sapling

Pedro walnut sapling is a kind of walnut planted in areas with a low altitude and a temperate climate, up to a thousand meters above sea level.

Types of Walnut Saplings


Pollinator Walnut Saplings

Fernette Walnut Sapling

Fernette walnut sapling is generally preferred as a kind of dusty material in the world.

Franquette Walnut Sapling

Franquette walnut sapling is late blooming and using pollinator in walnut varieties.

Ronde Walnut Sapling

Ronde de Montignac walnut sapling is an old french variety. it is preferred as a dusting agent.

About Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc

Bandırma Fidan Fid Inc. offers walnut garden facility and walnut garden service to its customers with its expert team for an annual manintenance operations.The company is registered with all official organizations and has all oficial documents as protuction and sales...more information

Exports Walnut Saplings

Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. export walnut saplings to many countries like its domestic sales.This countries are Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Macedonia.

Our Membership

Our company has membership in the necesary official organization. Official organizations we are members ofRepublic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livesock–Plant Manufacturer Sub-unit–Todab–Uludağ Exporters Union–Bandırma Chamber of Commerse–Bandırma Commodity Exchange.